Classroom Learning

Gain a globally recognised digital marketing certificate in a classroom-based format. Available only from the Institute of Digital Marketing in Australia, we offer the Digital Marketing Institute’s globally certified courses to Marketing Professionals.

Get the skills you need to kick-start your career in digital marketing, or take your current marketing knowledge to the next level. The Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing program will introduce you to all the core disciplines of digital marketing, covering the latest tools, techniques and methods, delivered by the industry’s leading practitioners.

What You Get

Online Classroom
1. Course Folders with Printed notes Green Tick
– Student Handbook Green Tick
– Module Overviews Green Tick
– Recommended Reading each module Green Tick
– Access to ‘Sandbox’/test accounts Green Tick
– Exam Information and Study Guide Green Tick
– Example Exam Questions Green Tick
2. Free Text Book Green Tick
– “The Art of Digital Marketing” by Ian Dodson of the Digital Marketing Institute. Green Tick
3. 10 x Lectures presented by industry Experts. Green Tick
4. 2 x Free Hands-on Practical Sessions Green Tick
– SEO, PPC and Display Advertising Green Tick
– Social Media Marketing Green Tick
5. Online resources Green Tick Green Tick
– Downloadable PDF copies of notes Green Tick Green Tick
– Video recaps of all module lectures Green Tick Green Tick
– Interactive online end-of-module quizzes Green Tick Green Tick
– Interactive Online Exam Simulator Green Tick Green Tick
– Access to private Facebook IDM Group Green Tick
6. Weekly Emails
Green Tick
– Student Updates, Downloads Green Tick
– General News & Resources
Green Tick
7. Intro to Digital Recruitment Agencies Green Tick
8. Globally Recognised Certification Exam & Certificate, with up to 3 attempts in 6 months. Green Tick Green Tick

Professional Certification in Digital Marketing

Kickstart an exciting, dynamic career with our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.   Become a [...]

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