Digital Marketing: Compelling Emails That Make Your Customers Click

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How to Create Compelling Emails That Make Your Customers Click

by Ian Dodson


74% of marketers believe that email produces ROI according to a recent Salesforce report. But with so many emails flooding your customers’ inboxes and fighting for their attention, it’s never been more important to get your message right…


1. Set an Email Strategy & Schedule

First, decide what you want your email marketing to achieve. Consider creating a newsletter to keep your customers and prospective customers engaged with your quality content and new offers, for example. This will help keep your brand front of mind and will warm prospects up for when they’re ready and able…

2. Create Customer-Centric Content

Your email content should be centred on your customers and not about your business. That means that you need to give rather than sell. How do you give to your customers? First…

Target Customers’ Problems:

If your customer’s problem is that he/she needs to learn more and wants to appear more knowledgeable in his/her industry, you could create a newsletter with value-adding content, including how-to articles, industry news and best-practice tips…

3. Craft Clickable Subject Lines

33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone according to a report conducted by Convince and Convert. It’s therefore essential to implement the right tactics…

4. Split Test to Select the Best

The beauty of email marketing is that you get to test your subject lines with a small section of your subscribers before you send your email campaign to your entire database. Any good email provider like MailChimp will allow you to enter two subject lines and conduct a user test on your behalf. Whichever subject line is clicked the most by your subscribers gets chosen and automatically sent to the rest of your database.

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