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‘Tailored Audiences’ Now Available to Twitter Advertisers

Twitter advertisers are now able to target users who have visited their website with the introduction of Tailored Audiences.

By analysing your site’s cookie tracking data, Twitter will be able to match cookie IDs of your visitors with its own users. The micro-blogging site can then display ads of your choosing in the feeds of those users, as illustrated in the graph below:

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Twitter has been testing the service since July and claims “impressive” results so far. HubSpot, an early testing partner, saw a 45% increase in engagement rates, technology company Krossover reported a 74% decrease in cost per acquisition and management company New Relic saw 195% higher conversion rates.

Users will be able to opt out of the tracking within their privacy settings if they so wish. Even for those that don’t, advertisers will not be able to identify their individual details within the service’s analytics – meaning they won’t know who exactly saw or clicked their ads.

However Twitter has hinted that there may be more to come from Tailored Audiences, saying:

“Targeting recent visitors to your website is just one way to use tailored audiences. We believe there are many other possibilities. Think of it as the way to define your own groups of existing and target customers, and connect with them on Twitter.”

Advertisers who want to try the service will have to work with one of Twitter’s partners (Adara, AdRoll, BlueKai, Chango, DataXu, Dstillery, Lotame, Quantcast, ValueClick and [x+1]) to implement their campaigns.