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Is Mobile Shopping Driving Your Impulse Purchases

Have you fallen victim to online shopping?Have you fallen victim to online shopping?

According to a recent study, almost half of European shoppers who use their mobile phones to purchase goods are regularly buying items on impulse.

The survey which was carried out by ING polled 12,403 people across 13 European countries, found that 42% of shoppers on mobile devices such as smartphones tend to make more impulse purchases.

Clothing topped the mobile shoppers’ hit list, accounting for 23 per cent of items purchased.

This was closely followed by electronics (21 per cent), games (12 per cent), holidays (11 per cent), music (11 per cent) and groceries (11 per cent).

The survey found that England has the most impulsive shoppers across Europe, but other countries have been quicker to embrace the technologies that mobiles have to offer.

An example of this is, the Netherlands who are most likely to use mobile banking, with almost half (47%) using the service.

This is larger than the UK’s 31%, and less than one in five French consumers use it – the second lowest portion across Europe, behind only Romania.

According to the findings within the study, a new trend is emerging for mobile money management, we appear to be moving further away from working with physical cash

On average more people ate using card to purchase good and findings within the report suggest that 49% of Europeans saying that in the past 12 months they have started to use cash less, and a 40% margin agreeing that they rarely use it

The trend looks set to continue with almost half (45 per cent) of consumers predicting that they will use less cash in the next 12 months as Europeans move towards a more cashless society.

ING Senior Economist Ian Bright said: “Technology is changing the way that people bank and manage money. Mobile banking is becoming more common across Europe and more people are prepared to pay for things using cashless methods.

“In terms of long-term economic trends, the growth of smartphone use and acceptance of technology is likely to hasten the growth of cashless payments. It is possible that more

ING surveyed over 12,403 people in Austria, Belgium, France and Germany as part of the surveyor venues many not accept cash in the next decade.”

Sean Dunne

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Sean is a Content Marketing Executive with a keen interest in all things digital. He previously worked as a journalist for North America’s largest Irish news site IrishCentral.