Facebook Ad Conversions & Digital Education:

Facebook Ad Conversions & Digital Education:

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Facebook Ad Conversions Up 57% in Six Months

Conversions via Facebook ads have increased 56.9% in the last six months, with advertiser revenue growing by over a quarter.

The new statistics, released by Kenshoo Social, indicate that Social Media advertisers have dramatically improved their online targeting as Facebook opens up more advertising options.

Based on a study of over 75 billion ads, it was found that click through rates were up 18.5% in the first two quarters of 2013, while cost per click was down nearly 16%. Combined with more qualified traffic, this has resulted in a massive increase in offsite sales, likes, comments, shares, app installs, game plays and other Facebook actions.

“Advertisers are finding success using Facebook ads to drive toward their direct marketing goals, most importantly conversions and revenue,” said Todd Herrold of Kenshoo Social.

“There are several factors influencing this evolution. Facebook has been steadily optimising its ad units and launching new ad targeting products designed specifically for direct response, including Custom and Lookalike Audiences, Partner Categories and the Facebook Exchange (FBX).”

Advertisers have also become “more sophisticated” in their use of these products according to Herrold, with a noticeable growth in those availing of platforms to build and manage scale using automated bid optimisation, audience targeting and expansion algorithms.