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Facebook Introduces Scheduled Ads

Facebook has become the first major social network to introduce ‘dayparting’ –  scheduled ads

It took a while but Facebook has finally decided to introduce dayparting in its advertising platform. What is dayparting? It is a platform that allows you to schedule your advertisements, making management of your campaigns easier. While its advertising competitors – Google, Bing and the like – have had it in their respective advertising platforms for quite a while now, Facebook’s social media counterparts have yet to introduce it. According to Jon Loomer, though, it’s here at last – and if all goes to plan, could revolutionise how you can advertise on Facebook. Inside Facebook reported back in 2009 that dayparting wasn’t far away – but it took until now for it to be introduced. Still, Facebook is the first major social network to introduce dayparting. What will this mean for advertisers?

What is dayparting?

Simply put, dayparting is time scheduling for your advertisements. It gives you more freedom in managing your ad campaigns. You can schedule advertisements to begin and end at certain times of the day, ensuring you are reaching your target audience at the optimum time. Google AdWords has had a dayparting feature for a while now so it was a wise move by Facebook to introduce it – the move ties in with Facebook’s investment in its mobile platform, ensuring the social giant is always serving relevant updates to its 1.32 billion monthly userswherever and whenever they check their feed.

Why should marketers be interested?

Dayparting will mean greater targeting and therefore spend efficiency from your Facebook advertising campaigns. You’ll be able to test different times of the day and see what works best for your business or your product. Jon Loomer advises caution, though – don’t just assume that your target audience will be on Facebook from 9am to 6pm during the working day – try out different times and see what works. The fact that most of your customer base will be on Facebook, too, will help. Under the pressure to monetise their respective platforms, social networks are driving digital advertising innovation, offering increasingly targeted options to marketers, meaning you waste less of your marketing spend.

When should I advertise?

The time you schedule your ad will depend on your product. For some, mornings will work best; for others, it could be evenings. Your product will influence your audience and your audience will influence the time you schedule your ad. Think practically – for example, if you’re in B2B advertising, office hours are probably best. B2C times can vary, depending on your target consumers. Find a time that suits you and test it out with dayparting; as with all digital marketing it’s all a matter of trial and error so spend small at the start until you define what works and iterate your campaigns accordingly as you find the times that suit you best.

James Mulhall

About James Mulhall

James is a freelance journalist with a background in print, online and broadcast journalism. He freelances with Kfm Radio in Kildare and most recently worked with SpunOut.ie.