Facebook advertising courses; online Facebook advertising courses offered by IDM Australia.

Facebook advertising courses; online Facebook advertising courses offered by IDM Australia.

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Facebook, Google And Brand Advertising

Facebook have already designed an advertising campaign for Budweiser

Brand advertising has been one of the go-to advertising methods for corporations for quite some time now. Building a strong consumer base keeps companies on the look-out for brand advertising opportunities; but unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. Take Facebook and Google for example. Two of the world’s biggest websites, yet they are not suited to brand advertising. At least not in the traditional sense.

Why not? According to Andy Pemberton, co-founder and director of Furthr Ltd., Google and Facebook’s platforms do not suit brand advertising. Think television and the likes  – brands being pushed on a worldwide scale. Is it too late to be jumping on to the brand advertising wagon? Andy believes so, particularly for companies like Google and Facebook.

“It’s the received wisdom in the world of media vendors, agencies and brand-side marketers that Facebook and Google’s platforms are just not suited to brand advertising”, he told the Marketing Magazine.

It might not be a completely lost cause though. According to areport by Marketing Magazine, Google and Facebook are eschewing the norm and going down a new brand advertising route.

The days are gone where the audience is happy to sit back and watch an advertisement; particularly for global web giants like Google and Facebook. This is why the move towards digital marketing has become increasingly popular and is ever-growing. This, of course, refers to brand advertising in the traditional sense. What about a new way of doing things?

That is the route Facebook and Google are taking. Reportedly, Google is expanding its team at The Zoo and Facebook is expanding its The Creative Shop team (the companies’ in-house creative teams) to try to tackle the global traditional advertising industry. The way they intend on doing it is not to promote their own brands in the traditional methods but to provide content for other brands.

You can’t blame them for trying; it’s an industry worth a massive $400 billion worldwide. It’s quite an impressive way of expanding their empires, really. If they are successful (and going by the history of both websites, most things they try out do become success stories) they should add a tidy sum of money to their net worths.

It’s already begun to pay off. Facebook’s Creative Shop crew recently designed an advertisement for Budweiser for their sponsorship of the Made in America music festival. The campaign involved videos of the artists and targeted each advertisement at a specific Facebook demographic.

The remainder of Facebook and Google’s attempts will certainly be interesting to watch unfold.

James Mulhall

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