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Following is a blog post from one of our global Facebook digital marketing experts:

Facebook Launches Website Custom Audiences for Advertisers

Facebook Custom Audiences Targeting

Facebook has just announced the global roll out of Website Custom Audiences, which allows marketers to retarget anyone who had previously visited their websites or apps, via simple Audience Targeting in Power Editor.

The first tantilising mentions of this exciting advancement were mooted back in October, but now Facebook is rolling the functionality out to all businesses, allowing social media managers to deliver targeted messages to users’ news feeds based on the activity they took on your website, regardless of the device they’re using.

Once you add the Facebook remarketing pixel to the source code of your website (or third-party SDK for your mobile app), within Facebook you can then begin to build out Custom Audiences based on the behaviours of people who visited your website or app.

According to Greg Fry, social media lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute, “Clever markers have been targeting website visitors and newsletter subscribers with targeted Facebook ads for a while now (using third party FBX providers such as AdRoll). However, Facebook’s recent changes make this process relatively straightforward and effortless for any Facebook Business Page owner.”

The opportunity to target users who have taken a specific action on your website, such as viewed a particular product or signed up to a newsletter, will allow you to create highly targeted advertising to this user base. Greg Fry adds “Facebook Advertisers interested in creating targeted advertising aimed at Facebook users that have visited their website should spend time becoming very familiar with Facebook’s Ad Manager and Power Editor. These Facebook tools will help create great targeted ad campaigns.”

Facebook guru, Jon Loomer, has already published a step by step guide to setting up Website Custom Audiences in Power Editor.

This is the latest in a line of improvements to Facebook’s advertising platform, which appear to be reaping significant gains for the company with a 40 percent rise in fourth-quarter profits expected according to International Business Times. For Q4 2013 it is expected that Facebook will report a revenue of $2.32 billion compared to $1.59 billion for the same period the previous year.

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