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Facebook marketing courses, online Facebook education: IDM Australia.

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Facebook’s Crackdown On Click-Bait

Click-bait posts will be filtered out of Facebook newsfeeds

The days of frustrating yet attention grabbing headlines on your Facebook newsfeed could be numbered. The social media site is cracking down on “click-bait” headlines – with yet another update to how we use our newsfeed. Click-bait, as it’s known, is on the way out of the world’s largest social network. Headlines like “You’ll never believe this!” grab our attention but don’t exactly give much away about the content – and it may be something that doesn’t interest you. Basically, you’re the fish and the headline is the bait. And more often than not, it works! We fall hook, line and sinker for it. The following is an example of one of these enticing yet vague articles…

It’s the second in the past few weeks that Facebook has gone about improving the newsfeed experience for the user. Just a fortnight ago, it emerged that Facebook had been testing out a new satire-flagging feature, as some users had complained that they were falling for satirical news sources before clicking in. Both moves put the user at the heart of the improvements – the easier the experience, the more user-friendly Facebook will be.


It’s hard to blame the producers of the content, to be fair. We all want high click rates and high interactions for our websites so click-bait makes sense from that point of view. The Facebook users, though, are less than enthused about seeing all of this on their newsfeed. A few years ago, it was new and exciting. We would see a vague headline and instantly be curious. Facebook’s latest survey into the matter, though, showed that 80% of respondents preferred to know exactly what they were clicking into beforehand. These articles get more air time on users’ newsfeeds the more clicks they get – yet the time actually spent on the page will be much lower than the more informative, direct headlined articles. This is how Facebook will tackle the problem.

The offenders

There are lots of offenders out there that we can tar with the click-bait brush. Among them is Buzzfeed, a global media site that has grown massively in popularity. One such article was this rather intriguing one, titled “Click This To Find Out Who You Should Unfriend On Facebook”. Attention grabbing? Yes. Informative? No. These are the key ingredients for a good click-bait. Buzzfeed is something of a repeat offender, according toClickZ. The anti click-bait movement has gained a strong following – the @SavedYouAClick Twitter account has a 156,000 strong following for it’s no holds barred approach to click-bait headlines.

What effect will this have on social media marketing?

Essentially, the vital thing to consider from a digital marketing perspective is how this will impact your Facebook marketing efforts. Click-baits have tended to work from a business perspective – but now you’ll have to think outside the box. It may seem overwhelming but there is great practices to follow. Check out the Digital Marketing Institute’s social media marketing trends you need to be on board with – and the Social Times’ handyinfographic on what works best for each social network (to avoid a click-bait – it’s photos for Facebook).

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines within digital marketing, so getting a good foundation knowledge is wise. Our new Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing gives you all of the skills you need.

James Mulhall

About James Mulhall

James is a freelance journalist with a background in print, online and broadcast journalism. He freelances with Kfm Radio in Kildare and most recently worked with SpunOut.ie.