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Following is a blog post by one of our global google analytics experts:


Google Analytics, Universal Vs Classic & Why Upgrade?

Google Analytics Universal Analytics

Google are constantly updating their Analytics product to allow us to track more accurately, gather more powerful data about our customers and allow more customisation and their latest update- Universal Analytics certainly doesn’t disappoint.

If you have recently set-up a Google Analytics account then you’re likely already using Universal Analytics- by default it is now the option that any new accounts are given:

Google Analytics - Select Tracking Method

If, on the other hand you’ve had your Google Analytics account running for a while now then you’re likely to be using classic analytics and will need to migrate your account over to take advantage of it but first, what’s the benefit to using Universal Analytics rather than Classic Analytics?

One of the most common questions I hear is “Can Google Analytics track user journeys across different screens?” Universal Analytics now aims to do this as it drops a userID to tag the visitor so they can be tracked as the same user- no matter what device they are on. What does this mean? The big advantage is the ability to better attribute, analyse and allocate marketing budgets towards the channels and devices, which we know, are working together to ultimately drive the conversion which in turn generates a better ROI.

Google Analytics Channels

There are many other advantages that come with using Universal Analytics for example being able to add smarter ‘name tags’ to customers based on their behaviour on your website, bringing in offline data and the ability to configure session lengths, organic search sources and count visitors who are searching on your brand or domain name as direct traffic instead of search traffic.

So for any business that would like to take their Google Analytics to the next level and use Universal Analytics- all you need to do to get started is click on ‘Admin’ on the top right hand corner of any Google Analytics page, then under the ‘Property’ URL column in the middle, click on ‘Universal Analytics upgrade’ and Google will guide you through the steps from there and generate your new Universal Analytics code.

Google Analytics Upgrade

Any negatives? Currently Universal Analytics does not support Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration or Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reports but a little birdie told me they aren’t far away from being supported!


Joanne currently runs the web analytics agency GlowMet