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Greg Canty


Greg is a partner with Fuzion Communications, an award winning PR firm, with offices in Cork and Dublin. It won a national PR award in 2010 for the work they’d done for Cystic Fibrosis.

Besides specialising in all matters on-line including Web Optimisation / Strategy and Social Media Strategy Greg brings vast business experience to the firm. He is a qualified accountant who spent 5 years in a small to medium sized practice, which taught him a lot about ‘real’ business before moving to industry with Moog, a US manufacturing subsidiary.

He then moved into the drinks industry initially working for a subsidiary of Guinness, Deasy & Co. Ltd (wholesalers and soft drink manufacturers). Greg spent 3 years with Guinness in Dublin, moving on to Nash Beverages.

In 2003 Greg joined Deirdre Waldron as a partner of Fuzion Marketing & PR. In between all of that he had fast food restaurants and music stores around Ireland. He also created Catwalks on tour with Deirdre for a number of years, which was and is probably still regarded as the most glamorous female event to have been run in the country.

Besides working really hard Greg does a lot of writing for different publications as well as on-line.