How B2B & B2C Companies Can Connect With Customers on LinkedIn

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By Ian Dodson


Many business owners assume that LinkedIn is an effective marketing channel that works only for B2B companies. However, B2C companies can also make use of its content and targeting capabilities to showcase their expertise and win new business…

How to Market on LinkedIn Organically:

The most important thing to consider when creating content for LinkedIn is to identify user intent. People consume content on LinkedIn to inform themselves about industry insights, news and best practices. They want to show their peers, their network, bosses and potential employers that they are smart, knowledgeable, qualified and capable…

Types of Content That Work Best on LinkedIn:

  • Useful how-to lists about industry-rich topics.

  • Industry surveys and benchmark reports.

  • Industry opinion pieces.

  • Educational ebooks and whitepapers.

  • Job opportunities and information about your culture, etc.

How to Create Engagement on LinkedIn:

  • Position your brand as a thought leader by sharing influential, inspiring and educational content.

  • Maximise your company’s LinkedIn profile page by adding an eye-catching header image and including relevant keywords in your description.

  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups and contribute relevant content. Don’t forget to comment and engage with other people’s posts and conversations too.

  • Repurpose your blog content on LinkedIn’s built-in publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse.

  • Ask industry influencers for their opinions and include them in your content to add authority and credibility and to help extend your content’s reach.

Master LinkedIn’s Paid Advertising Platform:

LinkedIn offers paid for ads and Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories appear in the user’s newsfeed just like regular content and therefore do not obstruct the user experience. They also display perfectly across web, mobile and tablet. You can choose to create a text only ad, a video ad or one that includes both text and an image. Visit the LinkedIn Ads Guide

LinkedIn Ads Consist of a Range of Useful Targeting Options, Including:

  • Job Titles (job functions and seniority)

  • Industries (company sizes and names)

Additional Paid Advertising Tips for LinkedIn:

  • Include a relevant image to grab your prospect’s attention.

  • Use a clear and concise call to action in your text.

  • Keep your text to the point and make your value proposition clear from the outset.

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