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Why No Marketer Can Afford to Overlook Mobile

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We check our phones a staggering 110 times a day. Smartphones are rapidly reaching ubiquity, with an estimated 1.75 billion owning a smartphone by the end of this year… Not bad adoption levels when you consider the iPhone hasn’t reached its 7thbirthday yet.

Where consumer behaviour shifts, brands quickly follow. Googlereckons 79% of smartphone owners now use their devices to shop and 82% of mobile shoppers use search to influence their purchasing decisions. It’s now essential to make your brand available quickly and easily on mobile.

For years the digital industry has banged on about mobile being the future of consumer marketing; but it’s no longer the future, it’s happening right now and marketers need to play catch up. Mobile marketing is no longer a specialist skill, it needs to be integrated into every marketer’s playbook.

Mobile marketing requires a fundamental shift in the way we look at consumer interaction with brands. Motivations are very different on mobile – for example, everything has to be easier to use on a small screen, it has to be more engaging to bother sharing on the move.

We need to look at mobile as an integral part of the user journey not a standalone marketing platform, consumers don’t delineate between their desktop and mobile – 98% of users move across multiple screens in a single day.

Here’s our checklist of considerations to help merge mobile marketing into your campaigns

1) A mobile optimized site is no longer a luxury, it’s essential
Whether you decide to go for a responsive site, an app or a mobile native site, it’s imperative that users can interact with your website on all their devices, not just the desktop

2) Mobile is personal
Because a mobile device feels personal, consumers want their experience to feel personal too. Use customer data wisely to personalise mobile messaging and encourage engagement and purchase

3) Mobile marketing will overtake web marketing
The trend is gathering pace, marketers need to learn to tailor marketing campaigns to a mobile audience, because web marketing will be ineffective without mobile marketing support in the near future

4) User experience is everything
Users switch between screens without thinking, your eCommerce needs to keep up. Have synced log ins, user sessions and shopping carts. If they put something in the cart on a mobile, it should still be there on the desktop

5) Mobile isn’t a marketing channel, it’s integral to all your campaigns
62% of email is opened on a mobile – your social campaign, your email marketing campaign, everything has to be engaging enough to make a user want to share it on the move.

Still not convinced you need mobile? Check out these eye-opening stats on mobile adoption:

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Rachel is the Digital Marketing Institute’s PR and Social Specialist. She mostly contributes musings on the latest digital news & views to the blog.