Mobile marketing short courses; IDM Australia; online mobile marketing courses

Mobile marketing short courses; IDM Australia; online mobile marketing courses

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Five Reasons Mobile Marketing Justifies The Investment

Mobile is one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing

Diversifying your marketing strategies is no longer a luxury; it’s essential. Digital marketing is ever changing, there are constantly new ways to reach your customers online. One of the most effective marketing methods available now is mobile marketing. Why should you invest in mobile marketing? Prepare to be bombarded with facts…

Your competitors are doing it

Well, first of all, your competitors are all heading in the mobile direction! It’s extremely rare to come across a dynamic business which hasn’t pumped some of its budget into mobile marketing yet. It’s certainly a worthy investment – 82% of adults in the world have mobile devices now. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, it’s not something that should scare more traditional businesses, but something to be embraced.

It’s direct and personal

An estimated 91% of mobile users worldwide are within an arms reach of their device. As well as that, 90% of texts get read within three minutes, according to Forbes. The beauty of marketing by text is that the consumer is more likely to read it. It’s short and snappy, there’s no links or anything to distract them. Texts are not subject to a spam filter, like email is, and they can’t ‘get lost in the post’. A text will always arrive to its intended target and, if it’s worded well, can convey your marketing quickly and efficiently.

It’s growing at a phenomenal pace

In 2014 alone, mobile marketing is set to grow by an astonishing 75.1% to an estimated economic value of $31.45 billion. Aside from the marketing aspect of mobile, mobile use itself is growing at an amazingly quick rate. There are five times the amount of mobiles in the world than there are PCs – some 4 billion people own a mobile phone today. Between 2010 and 2011 alone, mobile data usage increased by 89%. By 2016, it’s expected to be eighteen times the current rate. That Forbes list is really hitting us with some hard facts!

It’s measurable

The beauty of mobile marketing is that every penny you spend can be traced back and accounted for. You can see what worked and what didn’t and learn for the next time. Network delivery status makes it easy to measure your success rate at a mobile level and develop your strategy to suit your market after hitting any pitfalls you may encounter. Outside of SMS marketing, you can also measure your hits from apps and games, among many more mobile marketing options. The list is endless.

It delivers

This is the whole reason you’re reading about mobile marketing, is it not? Yes, mobile marketing does get results. Pretty impressive ones, at that. Nine out of every ten mobile searches lead to action. That means 90% of your potential customers from mobile will take action. Not bad!

If you have an app for your business, your results will be even better. It’s important to drive mobile traffic to your app, where the customer is less likely to click out of your product and into a related one.

Think of it from your own point of view – if you got a text now, you’d read it. Marketing in this way means your reach is higher than other mediums. 95% of texts are read after all – if your customer sees one thing that catches their eye in the text, your marketing is working!

70% of mobile searches result in action within an hour, with 51% resulting in a purchase.


Still not convinced? Check out the aforementioned list by Forbes, who’ve compiled some facts about mobile marketing.

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