Paid Search

This module will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills to implement and manage paid search campaigns. You will learn how to create Google AdWords campaigns, manage budgets, and report on their performance. Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of paid search and how it differs from organic search by:

  • Distinguishing between paid and organic search
  • Recognizing the most widely used search platforms and how consumers use search engines
  • Identifying the reasons to use paid search in a marketing campaign and its key benefits
  • Identifying the elements of a paid search campaign

2. Launch a successful paid search campaign by:

  • Setting up a Google AdWords account
  • Identifying the critical components of account structure
  • Identifying the key elements of a paid search campaign
  • Distinguishing between keyword research for paid search and SEO campaigns
  • Creating a paid search campaign

3. Manage a paid search campaign by:

  • Recognizing how to manage an advertising budget
  • Distinguishing between the different types of bidding processes
  • Recognizing the function of the Bid Simulator tool
  • Optimizing campaigns by setting bid adjustments for audiences, devices and locations and scheduling ads
  • Recognizing the purpose of AdWords Editor

4. Measure the effectiveness of paid search campaigns by generating detailed reports by:

  • Identifying KPI’s to measure the success of a paid search campaign
  • Recognizing the purpose of conversion tracking
  • Recognizing how to report on different metrics to measure the success of a paid search campaign
  • Using Google Analytics to measure campaigns
  • Using Google Analytics engagement metrics for deeper reporting