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Daniella Castillo


Daniela is a marketing professional, focusing primarily in the fields of social media strategies and online marketing. She has gained significant experience in the online arena after having worked for some of the top online companies, including Betfair and Uniblue, in the online marketing field, managing and driving the customer acquisition strategy.

She has broad expertise in developing, managing and optimising online marketing campaigns across multiple channels – including affiliates, PPC, SEO and online media.

Daniela has obtained her Masters degree in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. Her Masters dissertation was focused on the global opportunities and threats presented by developments in social media, and was published on two separate occasions. Daniela has won a number of awards for her contribution to the industry, including ‘Affiliate Manager of the Year’ for two subsequent years at the  Women in Gaming Awards 2010 and 2011.