Calling all SEO’s to face some hard truths about our beloved Meta keywords tag.

Talking to an SEO friend of mine a short while ago, I was surprised when he was taken back by my comment on how Google does not use or even care about the Meta Keywords tag anymore.

Are you shocked?

To be honest so was I when I first learned this fact. The reality is that all of us at one point learn about the importance of keywords and how we are to use the Meta keywords tag in every page of our site religiously or else we will not rank. This is old school thinking and I’m afraid to say, is dead.

In a Google Webmasters blog on this topic way back in 2009, Matt Cutts clearly stated that in Googles main search algorithm, they do not use the Meta Keywords tag anymore as it has been spammed too many times and is simply not relevant. As an example, perhaps back in the day your biggest competitor would use your business or websites name in their own Meta keywords tag (be honest, we’ve all thought about this at least once before…

Google are Super Clever

Although this statement by Google regarding the keywords tag was made 6 years ago In 2009, we still come across some crazy and interesting spam or black hat SEO techniques these days that are utilized in order to get a website to rank quickly or produce fast results, or even as a malicious attack on a competitor website.

As much as these tactics can at times work, this will be short lived and Google will always be one step ahead of the black hat webmaster who is eagerly unleashing his or her black hat tricks on the World Wide Web. It is party to due to these bad practices that Google have disregarded the Meta keywords tag in the first place. Many digital agencies and webmasters mistakenly believe…

Are all Meta tags pointless?

No not at all. There is still user value in Meta tags, namely the Meta description tag that gives the user a brief snippet of what the web page is about. This is your chance to attract the user and encourage click through’s to your web page:

A shift in thinking

Instead of thinking of the many ways we could get Google to see our keywords and rank our site for these keywords as quickly as possible, let’s shift our thinking over to how the user will see the desired and relevant keywords in the description and therefore click through. Your Meta description is your time to shine and attract the user to your page and therefore it should include the relevant keyword(s) in the description. Forget about trying to include your keywords as many ways as possible in the keywords tag…

‘Instead of faking being real, just be real’ (Matt Cutts).

Let us rather focus on writing relevant, meaningful and useful Meta descriptions that will attract the user to the webpage and then have that web page actually contain that relevant, meaningful and useful content. Your keywords…


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