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SEO Impacts Everyone in Your Company, Not Just The Webmaster

Google Breakfast Briefing

At the first of Google’s 2014 Breakfast Briefing series, supported by the Digital Marketing Institute, Giacamo Gnecchi Ruscone, Search Quality Specialist at Google highlighted the importance of every member of staff in small and medium sized enterprises having an understanding of SEO.

Some 6 in 10 Irish consumers express a preference for buying from Irish sites, but not enough Irish businesses are investing enough focus in their SEO strategy to beat the competition to the top of Google’s organic search results.

Key to improving your online sales is understanding how your website interacts with the search results. By understanding and utilising SEO you can focus on converting someone searching in Google into someone who interacts with your organisation. You can begin to understand this by using Webmaster tools.

Webmaster tools allow you to understand how your content is found on Google and which of your content is found.

By using key performance indicators such as impressions and CTR (click-through-rate), you can see how many times your website will show up in search vs how many times someone will actually click on your website. The data captured in webmaster tools is private, comprehensive and fresh.

It is important for all of the stakeholders in your business to be registered as a user in Webmaster tools so they will receive notifications when something goes wrong.

Search queries display the top queries used by Google users to find your website. You can read more on the Webmaster Blog

The link site feature will tell you what other websites are linking to you, enabling you to identify who your stakeholders are. This could be significantly different to what you are doing offline. You should be able to compare all of the data you find from the webmaster tools with your own business data. It is important to align your website content with the data and utilise it to improve conversions. Additional tools such as PageSpeed Insights will indicate the load time for your Mobile and Desktop site.

Google’s mission is “to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. The search quality team ensure the right information is accessible and useful to users in the search results. Businesses need to try and best understand the parameters the search quality team use to inform the rankings and optimise their site in line with these metrics.

Key Takeaways:

1. Get started with Webmaster tools

2. Mark-up your great content

3. Make your website mobile ready

4. SEO is a long term commitment

Google Breakfast Briefing series supported by the Digital Marketing Institute will run once a month at Google’s European HQ in Dublin. These briefings are aimed at businesses who are the early stages of digitisation or individuals who wish to up-skill.  The next session on Website Usability will take place on 28th March 2014 with Shane Cassells, Google Website Conversion specialist.

Patricia McGinty

About Patricia McGinty

Patricia has worked in the Digital sector for over five years with extensive experience across advertising platforms namely Google AdWords and Twitter ads. Her regular contribution to the Digital Marketing Institute blog includes advice, tips and news on all things digital.