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Selling online provides many benefits for businesses…

You’ll need to decide if it’s a good fit for your business. This week we’ll discuss the 4 factors you should consider before deciding whether to sell online.

1. What Online Store Model is Right For You?

First you will need to decide which online store model is right for you. If you are a freelance writer or programmer the great news is you can sell anywhere in the world. However, if you plan to sell products you’re going to have to consider what method you will use to acquire, store and distribute your goods.

You will need to consider your global shipping procedure and returns policy. You will also need to determine whether you plan on making your products yourself or having them manufactured. Does it make more sense to wholesale or dropsell? Let’s take a look at the various options to help you decide…


Making means that you physically make (or craft) your products by hand…


Manufacturing means that you find a manufacturer to produce the product for you…


Wholeselling means you’re buying your inventory from manufacturers at a discounted rate…


Dropshipping means that you’re selling products that you don’t own. Instead, you take orders from your online business and forward them on to your supplier…

2. Do You Want an Add-on or Standalone Store?

You will need to decide whether you’re going to build a stand-alone eCommerce store or whether you’d prefer to add eCommerce functionality to your existing website. Some of the best eCommerce add-on options include PayPal, ProductCart, CubeCart and Adobe Muse. Looking to learn how to optimize your cart abandonment rates for ecommerce? Read this article “The Ultimate Guide to Abandoned Carts – Leave No Cart Behind!

If you decide to create a standalone online store there are a variety of online eCommerce platforms you can choose from. Some of the best platforms include Shopify, Magento and Weebly

3. Resourcing: Who is Responsible & Who has Time?

Selling online is not a technical challenge as you can grab an eCommerce platform template that’s easy to adapt…

4. Consider Your Returns Policy & Shipping Procedure

Other important elements to consider include your returns policy and shipping procedure. Define what your return policy is going to be and what you can afford to sustain before you decide to sell online…

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