Twitter marketing short courses; online Twitter marketing courses by IDM Australia.

Twitter marketing short courses; online Twitter marketing courses by IDM Australia.

Institute of Digital Marketing Twitter marketing short courses; online Twitter education.

IDM Australia offer the best Twitter education. Our Twitter short courses are developed with DMI, the Digital Marketing Institute in conjunction with Twitter.

We also develop LinkedIn courses with LinkedIn, google AdWords courses with google; we also work with WPP Aegis and Omnicom to ensure we do offer the best global digital marketing courses.

IDM Australia uses local Twitter experts to tailor the global course to local conditions; with local Twitter examples and cases.

Following is one of our global Twitter Marketing experts blog posts:

Twitter’s Mobile Marketing Venture

Twitter is acquiring mobile ad startup TapCommerce

Twitter looks set to revamp it’s mobile advertising with theacquisition of TapCommerce. The deal is rumoured to be in the region of $100 million, though Twitter has yet to announce the hefty price tag. It’ll be a move that will help Twitter personalise advertising on mobile; something it has been unable to do up until now.

TapCommerce allows mobile businesses to tailor mobile advertisements just as they are tailored on desktop machines; ads will be targeted based on the previous user activity. This is common on desktop but much less so on mobile devices due to the lack of cookies. Twitter has already rolled out mobile app promotion ads globally, hoping to reach even more than its already estimated one billion iOS and Android users each month.

What will it mean for Twitter?

It will further develop the microblogging giant’s mobile marketing regime, which kicked off last year when it bought MoPub. It’s a smart move for the company, as advertisements on mobile have an amazing reach worldwide, with 91% of mobile users being within an arm’s reach of their device at any given time. In fact, mobile is already of vital importance to Twitter. The company’s most recent report showed that 80% of its ad revenue comes from mobile – and this was in the early days of their shift towards the mobile marketing system.

What will the advantage be for the everyday mobile user?

Mobile users might be thinking that advertising is cumbersome; it gets in the way of your functions on your device. Think before speaking rashly though – mobile ads tailored to your interests and previous activity will in fact enhance your user experience. “If you’re an everyday mobile user, we expect this will mean better and more relevant ads in the apps you use”, Richard Alfonsi, vice president of Twitter’s global online sales, told TechCrunch.

What does this mean for digital marketers?

In digital marketing, mobile is becoming increasingly important. Why so? Well, for one, mobile usage is set to overtake desktop usage this year so heading down the mobile marketing route will increase the consumer reach. Twitter’s development into this field is leading the way for other businesses, of any size, to follow suit. 78% of retailers are expected to invest in mobile marketing this year – make sure you are one of them. Interested in learning more about digital marketing for yourself or for your business? Check out our top five reasons mobile marketing justifies the investment.

It’s too early for now to say when Twitter and TapCommerce’s work will be on display on our mobile devices as, as Richard says, they are still in the “basic team integration stage” but it will be an exciting collaboration to watch. If you want to learn more about mobile marketing to expand your knowledge and benefit your business, enroll in our free introduction to mobile marketing.

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