Twitter advertising short course; online Twitter advertising course; Institute of Digital Marketing.

Twitter advertising short course; online Twitter advertising course; Institute of Digital Marketing.

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The Low Down On Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Revamp

The latest changes to Twitter promises to be more focused on user objectives

Promoted Tweets has been one of Twitter’s most successful advertising platforms to date with Fox Business reporting that the advertising model played a big part in Twitter’s impressive Q2 revenue report. Understanding the importance of this service, Twitter has just announced a raft of improvements to the service, principally to make the platform more appealing and usable for small to medium businesses. The new look advertising platform will enable these clients to roll out objective-based campaigns and focus on reporting and prices, here’s our run down of the updates and what they will mean for small businesses…

Pay for your goals

Twitter is offering you the final say on exactly how your money will be spent. SMBs and API partners will be given a range of key objectives to choose from; everything from driving tweet engagements, to app installs, to followers. When your advertising goals are achieved, Twitter will charge you – but not until then. This reflects a pay-per-click format; but not in the traditional sense. Advertisers will be charged for their chosen actions. For example, if you decide to take on an app-only based campaign, you will only be charged on a per-click basis when consumers download the Twitter app. Great news for advertisers who are wondering what the return on investment is on all the ‘clicks’ they are paying for on their Twitter ads.

Simplified advertising

Aside from changes to the pricing, the way in which you build adverts will be simplified. Twitter Ads has been around for just four years now and has mainly focused on Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. Twitter will now will now recommend the best ad format for you to use for each objective of your campaign. Some new tools have also been added – including an image cropper, to allow you to customise your photos easily to fit your tweets.

Track metrics

Possibly the best thing about the new Promoted Tweets platform is the changes in the way your tracking metrics are displayed. This is the most important thing in any advertising – finding out what works for you enables you to tailor your approach to future efforts. Once you launch a new objective-based campaign, your reports will display the most relevant metrics to your campaign goals. It will show you the number of times your links are clicked and the cost-per-click, giving you an easy budget breakdown.

Twitter’s competitors, namely Facebook, have already honed their self serve advertising platforms to help SMEs maximise their advertising spend, so it’s high time Twitter followed suit. Time will tell if Twitter can continue to steal advertising budget from its social rivals, but the simplified Promoted Tweets platform looks set to boost its already blossoming revenue – the next quarterly report will reveal all.

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