• April 21, 2021

Digital Marketing Education = IDMAustralia:

What Makes a Digital Leader?

Digital Leaders are no different from any other leaders in that they need passion for what they do. But critically, they also need the ability to direct that passion in a focused manner.

I remember a few years back hearing an interview with a first time MP in the UK parliament under the Blair government. When he asked Tony Blair for some advice on how to get ahead in Parliament, he was told to “Specialise, Specialise, Specialise”.

Digital is all pervasive in terms of its impact on our lives – and more and more, its impact on our jobs and careers. Enthusiasm and passion for Digital are vital, but that needs to be grounded in a concrete set of skills or area of specialisation.

When Edison invented the light bulb, all the stories for the first few years were about the light bulb, the technology, the technique, the construction. It took a few years for people to actually just talk about the light.

I often feel as if we’re in the same phase of the web. The media are falling over themselves raving about the technology, but the web will only truly grow up when we talk about the light. In other words, the impact and use of the web are far more important than the technology behind it.

This maturing process is happening and it is only when people begin to build their education and careers around specialist areas within Digital that it will grow up as a field. The enthusiasts will be replaced by the professionals, and that can’t happen too soon.

Our Masters students have recently submitted theses in Digital Marketing that are truly pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible within this industry and most importantly, the effect it will have on our lives. I know from the work already done that these students bring passion and enthusiasm and a laser-like focus in terms of their subject matter.

Our mantra for anyone considering a career or a course in Digital is simple: Leaders bring passion but their most important attribute is the ability to focus.
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