• April 20, 2021

Institute of Digital Marketing courses

What differentiates a DMI diploma from other digital marketing courses

Not that long ago, digital marketing was seen as an experimental field, or a side activity to traditional marketing tasks. Now, its place at the centre of every marketing campaign is recognised beyond dispute. While its importance is well understood, the practice of digital marketing is still constantly evolving, so to stay ahead marketers often find that they benefit from professional training.

There is a wide range of courses available to those keen to promote their skills in digital marketing, from short certificates right up to degrees. Which course to take will depend on the marketer’s experience, what they want to achieve and the resources they have to dedicate to their studies. For busy professionals, a diploma can strike the right balance, as this blog will show.

Gain a qualification

If you are keen to improve your skills without committing to a bachelor’s degree, a certificate or diploma can be relatively quick and affordable options. Certificate programmes are generally the shortest, and are aimed at developing a particular skill instead of providing a broad overview of the industry. They are therefore a good choice for those who already have substantial work experience and are keen to focus on a highly specific area.

By contrast, diploma programmes take longer and go into more depth. While giving you a specialisation, your study is also framed by a wider industry context – but without needing to sign up for a whole bachelor’s degree. Diploma courses are particularly useful for those looking to change career, or progress quickly from an early stage.

Industry validated syllabus

The Syllabus Advisory Council, with member representatives from leading digital brands including Facebook, Twitter and Google, validates the DMI Diploma. The council’s aim is to develop and maintain internationally recognised standards of education in digital marketing. Colin Gibson, who completed his professional diploma in 2013, has this to say of the course:

“I would recommend the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing to anyone looking to get his or her feet in the world of digital. The knowledge you learn along the course can help you increase conversions, up engagement on social, and understand Google. From a personal point of view this course has added an extra element to my CV, and it’s been very noticeable my applications since completing this course have been much more successful!”

Regularly updated curriculum

In a field developing as rapidly as digital marketing, staying up to date is crucial. Before choosing a course in digital marketing, it is absolutely necessary that you make sure that it reviews its curriculum frequently.

The DMI Diploma course is designed exclusively by digital marketing professionals to focus on current trends and best practices in digital marketing. On the course, you will also learn to develop your own innovative strategies, and leverage them to gain competitive advantage in your business and career. By establishing a sound base in the knowledge, skills and competencies required in digital marketing, marketers are empowered to drive future developments in the industry themselves.

Practical information

Since the DMI Diploma is updated regularly by digital marketing professionals, the skills and knowledge it teaches are rooted in the practical concerns of contemporary professional practice. Head of Text Republic Louis Grenier says this of his diploma course:

“I found the course excellent for two main reasons. The first one is that every course is held by a professional who knows exactly what he/she is talking about. They almost all own their own business and are specialised in a specific digital marketing channel. The second reason is the practicality of the course. The content is more “how-to” than a boring lecture.”

Available online

Offering the greatest degree of flexibility for busy professionals, the diploma can be studied online. Using this mode, all the course materials can be accessed over the internet, including video lectures, downloadable slides, supporting case studies and learning resources. Online study can be an affordable and time saving option, as marketing manager Alejandro Montenegro discovered:

“When I decided to join the course, I didn’t know what to expect. It was my first online course and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be successful on a course of this calibre from a distance. However, soon after I started, I felt on-board and on my way to learning all there is to know about digital marketing. Overall, the online course is pretty well organised and the slides and videos from the classes are easily accessible at all times through the class network making it very flexible to study whilst working.”

Internationally recognised qualification

DMI offers its courses in over 50 countries around the world. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is approved and credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), and is comparable to Level 5 on the European Qualifications Framework. Not only does this mean that you can be assured of the quality of education you will receive: through your learning, you will also gain a qualification that will open doors wherever you go.


With the explosion in digital marketing has come an almost equal proliferation of digital marketing courses. With strong industry links, a constantly updated curriculum, practical approach and flexible study options, the DMI Diploma occupies a class of its own.

Ready to kickstart your own diploma in Digital Marketing? Offering reliability, flexibilty and recognition, there’s no better alternative than a Diploma from the Dgital Marketing Institute.