• April 21, 2021

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No Mobile Solution? You’re Missing Out

Nearly half of businesses still don’t have a mobile channel according to Adobe’s recent Digital Marketing Optimisation survey. Considering that nearly every consumer is now a mobile consumer, this is an absolutely astounding finding.

Think about it. Your customers are on the bus reading about you. They’re walking down the street tweeting about you. They’re watching TV at home, Googling you. If they can’t find you on their mobile, it’s highly likely they won’t find you at all.

According to the research, just 27% of companies surveyed had mobile optimised sites, 7% had an app and 21% had both. Separate research by eConsultancy recently also found that, while 43% of companies chose mobile as one of the “most exciting digital-related opportunities” for 2013, only 30% said mobile optimisation was one of their priorities.

This is baffling considering that sales via mobile devices now account for all online growth as desktop sales flatline – that’s according to a report by IMRG and Capgemini just last month. Slowly but surely, mobile is increasing in popularity to the point that we prefer to shop using our phones and tablets rather than from our laptops and desktops.

This will come as no surprise when you look at the drop off in sales of Windows PCs since the iPad started shipping (see graph below, courtesy of Horace Dediu).  As you can see, sales of Windows devices (and therefore Windows) have steadily been falling since Apple launched the iPad back in the first half of 2010.

By not investing in mobile channels, organisations risk being left behind as consumers choose a competitor’s mobile-friendly experience.

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