• January 30, 2022

Things you should know before buying vending machine

Vending machines offer entrepreneurs a unique business model that can be highly profitable, well-functioning and recession-proof, at least if established early. Here are some vending machine business tips for starting, operating, and marketing a business in this exciting industry.


Find a mentor


Try to find a mentor who already has a successful sales business. If they work in a slightly different market or niche than yours, they will often be happy to help a newbie get off to a good start, rather than watch them fail and damage the local industry by disappointing customers. Traveling and watching an experienced vending machine operator in action gives you a great insight into the daily life of a commercial vending machine operator.


Collaborate with your competitors


Another tip is to establish relationships with other commercial slot operators as soon as possible. If possible, seek trading accounts with them so each of you can keep your respective routes tight to save time and fuel.


To work from home


Save on start-up and operational costs by starting a vending machine business from home. Running a retail business from a dorm shouldn’t be a problem as you won’t have a large number of clients or employees visiting your office. However, check with your local authorities to see if your street’s zoning regulations allow you to have a home business there.

Start part-time


Start a part-time vending business before quitting your job and going full-time. You should have no problem running a small business like this during your business hours and it gives you a chance to see how it works before you take the plunge and work full time.


Stick to proven concepts that work


Don’t immediately start looking for new selling concepts as they will most likely not work well. It’s safer to start with traditional slot machine favorites like candy, snacks, and drinks until you build a sizable business and can afford to take risks.


Get the customer in front of the machine


This tip can save you a lot of headaches. Many vending machine dealers quickly buy a large quantity of machines and then look for suitable locations. A much better approach is to research a variety of vending machine options and then go ahead and find locations. Once you have registered a site, you can proceed to purchase machines that are tailored precisely to that customer’s needs. Visit us at www.royalvending.com.au