• April 21, 2021

Digital Marketing in Hong Kong

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SINO Dynamic Establishes The Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy (HKDMA) to Cater to the Soaring Demand on Digital Marketing Professionals

In the era of digital evolution and amid the existing shortage of marketing professionals with a matching skillset, SINO Dynamic is proud to announce the launch of the “Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy” (HKDMA) which will offer training in growing areas such as digital marketing, O2O, social media and Big Data analytics. SINO Dynamic is addressing a hot topic as the talent shortage is widespread on the back of soaring demand for savvy digital marketing professionals and the company hopes to bridge the talent gap via HKDMA by offering highly specialized training courses for between 1,000-3,000 business professionals in the coming two years.

Businesses today have fully recognized that technology and marketing are closely interrelated and that having a digital roadmap is a vital component of the overall business strategy, but whereas most companies and organizations understand the value of incorporating digital marketing as an important feature to target and reach consumers, they also note that there is a gap in their ability to capitalize on it, due to a shortage of skilled staff in the marketplace. Alex Kong, CEO of SINO Dynamic, said “At SINO Dynamic we work with a wide range of companies, from the Fortune 500s of this world to SMEs and what we see in the market is that companies are very interested to develop a stronger digital footprint but where they feel that they lack the execution know-how and experience internally to do so, usually derived from the difficulty of recruiting staff with that particular skillset. By establishing the HKDMA we intend to address this issue, which is not just an issue for Hong Kong but a global trend, and by doing so expand the talent pool in Hong Kong in this particular field.”

Gartner, the international information technology and research firm, predicted earlier that by 2017, the resources put on digital development by the marketing department will be larger than that of the IT department, a sign that clearly illustrates the growing importance of having a proper digital implementation strategy, and with the current market place being in tight supply of digital marketing professionals the demand is only set to rise further for the type of training that HKDMA will offer.

As the largest mobile transaction-based & O2O solutions developer locally, SINO Dynamic has been at the forefront of the changing digital landscape in the region and has seen how companies are faced with the challenges arising from a talent shortage first hand. The courses offered by HKDMA will be led by experience lecturers and scholars from a wide range of industries and academic institutions and SINO Dynamic will leverage on its excellent relationships with major accounts throughout the region to develop a curriculum tailored to the needs of both local and global corporations.

It’s mobile – Era of Big Data & Mobile Commerce

The 2015 Google Consumer Barometer revealed that Hong Kong’s consumers are mobile, with an estimated 94% of the people participating in the survey claiming that they go online on a daily basis and more importantly, online research is one of the key drivers for conversion, something that every digital marketing professional should take into consideration when designing their organization’s digital strategy. Hong Kong consumers are now using the Internet to purchase everything from movie tickets to car insurance and it is estimated that 48% of the consumers’ first source of product awareness before making a purchase is via online research – not unlikely to be with a mobile device. The study also reveals that 40% of the consumers only consider 1-2 brands before making a purchase which makes it paramount for companies to develop a digital marketing strategy that positions their products and services as the most preferred ones in the eyes of the consumers – digital consumer engagement will be a major business driver not only for companies within the consumer goods sector but across industries and hence will be able to add significantly to the bottom line if used properly.

In order to cater for this trend, the HKDMA will offer courses focusing on Mobile & Search Marketing, with specialized studies on topics such as Digital Strategy & Planning and Social Media Marketing, areas which are expected to demonstrate significant growth over the coming years. Emerging technologies and concepts such as Big Data analytics, Mobile Internet and O2O will put an even stronger emphasis on campaigns targeting consumers on an “optimized” basis – reaching consumers with the right message (or service/product) at the right time and location, aided by tools which will equip marketing professionals with the insights they need in order to spot trends and consumer behavior early on.

With SINO Dynamic’s strong track record from having developed some of the most influential mobile apps across the region, the company believes that the next frontier when it comes to the O2O business model is for companies to further evolve and work on creating a seamless user experience that is tailored to the individual consumers, and they expect that the courses will be highly sought after by companies within consumer oriented industries such as the FMCG, F&B, travel and entertainment sector. These are industries that are already used to developing online content across social media platforms but who are now looking to leverage on the most up-to-date trends and technologies in order to optimize the user experience, including payments and purchases, in a mobile context.

Course Schedules & Certification

The HKDMA will offer between 12-20 courses every year and each class will consist of 15-30 participants in order to facilitate a dynamic training environment. The training programs will consist of a mix of lectures, group discussions, group projects and presentations on successful cases and the idea is to offer courses that will enable the participants to develop 360 degree, mobile and social media digital marketing strategy. With this approach, HKDMA believes that the participants will be more valuable to their employers as they will have a holistic and well-rounded perspective on digital marketing.

Upon course completion, participants will be issued a certificate by the Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy (HKDMA). Trainees may thereafter seek to go through examinations on an individual basis to obtain certifications issued by international education bodies like the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

About Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy

The Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy (HKDMA) is a division of SINO Dynamic Solutions.

SINO Dynamic Solutions Limited is a Certified Education Partner of the international renowned educational institution, Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

The Academy consists of a group of leading digital marketing experts with many years of experience in international and local markets. The lectures are delivered by practitioners with the knowledge of the best techniques and latest prevailing trends.

About SINO Dynamic Solutions

SINO Dynamic is a leading Enterprise Mobile Payment and O2O Solutions provider headquartered in Hong Kong. With a team of over 160 experienced staff, serving over 200 corporate clients including large multinationals and international renowned brand names, SINO is your No.1 choice for enterprise mobile and software applications development. In 2013, SINO Dynamic obtained seven HKICT Awards and broke the record of the Awards. SINO Dynamic has been leading the industry with numerous patented technologies.

Please visit www.hkdma.com, www.sinodynamic.com.

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