• April 21, 2021


Brand School is one of the Digital Marketing Institutes: DMI’s global partners.

The Institute of Digital Marketing is the Digital Marketing Institutes Australian partner. We, IDM Australia tailor all DMI courses via our approved digital industry experts. This ensures your local, Australian PPC, SEO, SEM, Social, Mobile, Analytics courses are tailored to guarantee your global wisdom has local expertise.
Even our online DMI courses have access to our IDM digital marketing experts.
We tailor all digital courses: seo to social to mobile to ppc, to ensure you get the most relevant local examples.
  • Outside channels of communication have greater credibility to employees than internal channels
  • There are 4 marketing mindset shifts:
    1. From focus on users to users and voices – the influencers of your brand
    2. A shift from segmentation to segmentation and re-aggregation
    3. From telling to delivering
    4. From marketing to facilitation
  • The future of retailing is delivering exceptional customer experiences daily
  • Mobility is now a cornerstone of marketing and sales
  • Digital marketing automation companies are having the most success in both B2C and B2B markets
  •  Trade show dollars going to digital media in most marketing budgets
  • Personal reviews of products can increase conversion rates by 100% or more
  • Social media is PR 2.0
  • Analytics, social and mobile are dominating new venture projects
  • Cross-social platform support and social integration are very needed in the market.
  • Publishing, landing pages and analytics & dashboards are 3 areas of social media critical to getting right digital marketing strategies to succeed
  • The 8 rules of Big Data are:
    1. Collect everything
    2. Give data to get data
    3. Start with the problem, not with the data
    4. Focus on metrics that matter to your customers
    5. Drop irrelevant constraints
    6. Embrace transparency
    7. Make it trivially easy for people to connect, contribute, and collaborate
    8. Let people do
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Free SEO tools

The Digital Marketing Institute offers the best, most accredited digital education.
The Institute of Digital Marketing is DMI’s Australian Partner; following is an article from one of DMI’s other global partners:
IDM Australia just wants to hightlight that all Digital Marketing Institute courses we offer are tailored via our digital marketing experts. So all ppc, seo, sem, social, mobile and analytic digital courses we offer in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or even the Digital Marketing Institute online courses we offer will avail you of Australian local digital marketing experts.
DMI and IDM want to give you the best global and local; we work together and guarantee; any questions?

Everyone agrees that SEO and having an online presence are crucial for any business. Companies of all sizes are investing in website creation and design.  Being found on search engines is equally if not even more important than having a nice website, and free SEO tools can help you do this. You can have the most beautiful, well-designed flashy website, but if no one can find it, it’s like renting a shop in an empty mall. This brings us to the question:  how can you make sure your website is SEO-optimised? We have created our free SEO checklist for you to download and make sure everything is up to date. It consists of 35 points that will help you reconstruct a more SEO-friendly website for your business (including a list of SEO tools you can find in the comments section). Bringing your website to the top of Google’s search engine results can be quite tedious, but there are tools out there that can help you. Some of them are free, while others are paid. You can certainly accomplish a lot with free tools, but it is more time consuming and generally

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Digital Marketing in Hong Kong

IDM Australia offers the best global digital marketing education.

The Institute of Digital Marketing gives you the best digital marketing courses.

The Institute of Digital Marketing also gives you a global digital marketing news update to ensure you are always the best digital marketing experts available:

SINO Dynamic Establishes The Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy (HKDMA) to Cater to the Soaring Demand on Digital Marketing Professionals

In the era of digital evolution and amid the existing shortage of marketing professionals with a matching skillset, SINO Dynamic is proud to announce the launch of the “Hong Kong Digital Marketing Academy” (HKDMA) which will offer training in growing areas such as digital marketing, O2O, social media and Big Data analytics. SINO Dynamic is addressing a hot topic as the talent shortage is widespread on the back of soaring demand for savvy digital marketing professionals and the company hopes to bridge the talent gap via HKDMA by offering highly specialized training courses for between 1,000-3,000 business professionals in the coming two years.

Businesses today have fully recognized that technology and marketing are closely interrelated and that having a digital roadmap is a vital component of the overall business strategy, but whereas most companies and organizations understand the value of incorporating digital marketing as an important feature to target and reach consumers, they also note that there is a gap in their ability to capitalize on it, due to a shortage of skilled staff in the marketplace. Alex Kong, CEO of SINO Dynamic, said “At SINO Dynamic we work with a wide range of companies, from the Fortune 500s of this world to SMEs and what we see in the market is that companies are very interested to develop a stronger digital footprint but where they feel that they lack the execution know-how and …

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Digital Marketing Institute Testing

IDM Australia Testing

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing education, producing more graduates trained to a single digital standard than any other certification body.

The world’s largest digital brands and agencies work with the Digital Marketing Institute to develop and validate the course syllabuses, which are delivered by expert practitioners so that students get the very best accredited qualification combined with real life industry teaching.

Accredited Professional, Postgraduate and Masters education programmes are lectured full time, part time and online around the world by the Digital Marketing Institute and its network of licensed education partners.

Available exams

The Digital Marketing Institute offers certifications covering a variety of aspects of Digital Marketing, from a foundation course in Digital Marketing to more specialised areas, such as Mobile, Search and Social Media Marketing.

View more information about the CPDS exam.

The following computer based exams are available at Pearson VUE test centres:

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (PDDM)

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a foundation course designed to provide students with an overview of the variety of digital marketing channels and equip them with skills to effectively use those channels in building and implementing a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Register now »

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing (PDSMM) – exam now available

The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing has been designed to equip students with knowledge and understanding of the principles of social media marketing and provide them with tools to build brand credibility and effectively integrate social media marketing into a broader business strategy. Register now »

Professional Diploma in Search Marketing (PDSM) – exam now available

The Professional Diploma in Search Marketing is a practical course focusing on planning, implementation and measurement of search marketing campaigns, such as search

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Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising, PPC Course = Institute of Digital Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising

by Ian Dodson

Pay Per Click (or PPC advertising) is a form of paid digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. The term PPC can apply to paid ads on social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, today we’ll focus on Google Adwords which helps your ads stand out to search engine users, displaying them at the top and right-hand side of Google’s search engines. We’ll also explore Google Display Network which displays your ads on relevant websites your customers and prospects land on.

We’ll take a look at the benefits of both services to help you decide the best fit for you business and the best way to reach your target audience.

1. How to Decide if PPC is A Good Fit for Your Business:

To decide if PPC is a good fit for your business you will need to assess whether you can afford to be involved. Do you have a budget for paid advertising or do you need to focus on amplifying your organic reach? If

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IDM Australia offers Digital Marketing Institute Digital Marketing Courses:

The Institute of Digital Marketing offers the the best global digital marketing courses; online or in all Capital Cities via our globally approved digital marketing experts.

More details: http://www.idmaustralia.com.au/professional-diploma-in-digital-marketing/

Following is a blog post from one of our global Social Media experts:

How To Respond To A Social Media Crisis

What happens if you are in charge of airing the long awaited premiere of one of the most popular shows on TV and there is an outage? You face a tirade of comments from people who feel their Sunday night has just been ruined, by you. The company who let them down.

This week HBO Go are recovering from an outage during the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere. Millions of people had been looking forward to the new series and last night those hoping to watch online were met with a website failure notification.

When Game of Thrones airs, Twitter users normally notice the #GOT hashtag is trending with plenty of excited conversation with every episode. When avid fans don’t get what they want, they also take to Twitter to vent and display their frustration. For TV show bosses, big brands and small businesses, people airing their grievances on social media has become a problem which social media teams have learned to deal with.

How do you cope in a social media emergency?

HBO were ready with a timely response which helped to diffuse the situation. They let the eagerly awaiting fans know they were trying to resolve the issue and kept everyone updated on the progress.

Is your social media team ready to tackle negative and angry comments? One negative comment can quickly spiral out of control through social media, spreading like a virus. Some issues can be within your control, others can take longer to resolve. Phones …

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Mobile marketing short courses; online mobile marketing short courses offered by IDM Australia

IDM Australia, the Institute of Digital Marketing, offers DMI, the Digital Marketing courses: mobile marketing courses:

IDM Australia, the Institute of Digital Marketing also offers a full range of online short courses: mobile to social to search to ppc, adwords to LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter; we offer an online Masters in Digital Marketing – and many courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

The digital marketing courses IDM offers are the best globally. DMI works with google, Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, IBM to WPP, Aegis and Omnicom to ensure it is globally the best, and the approved local experts we have tailor all materials to ensure you have the best.

Following is a blog post from one of our Mobile Media, Mobile Marketing global experts:

Mobile Ad Spending To Overtake Print And Radio

Mobile marketing will surpass newspapers, magazines and radio in 2014

This year will mark the first time that mobile advertising spending will pass newspaper, magazine and radio spending in the US. It’s no secret that the print media and radio are in decline but 2014 will mark the first time ever that mobile ad spending will surpass some of the more traditional mediums.

According to a new report by eMarketer, mobile advertising revenue will jump an amazing 83% to $17.7 billion. This accounts for 10% of all advertising spending in the States. The rise in mobile advertising has been a quick but steady one. This is the biggest jump in advertising expenditure in the US in a decade – and it’s all thanks to mobile. The increase in investment of 83% (or around $8 billion) this year will push mobile advertising to the third-largest individual advertising venue; merely falling behind television and desktop advertising. On a global scale, mobile advertising now accounts for about a quarter …

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Inbound Marketing Strategy

The 7 Components of a Magnetic Inbound Marketing Strategy

Email marketing, SEO, content creation, social media, influencer outreach, lead nurturing…

Yes, inbound marketing encompasses them all. And let’s face it – that’s enough to inspire fear in the steeliest and most seasoned of digital marketers. With so many tactics to consider and too many leads to deliver it’s easy to lose focus of what you’re trying to achieve.

That’s where a well crafted plan comes into play. Below we’ll reveal the strategic 7 step process that will help you deliver a customer-warming, boss-pleasing, prospect-loving strategy that’s achievable, realistic and bang on target.

1. Define Your Personas

Inbound marketing is all about your customers – you have no business in the um… business, if you centre your plan around any other silly tactics, tricks or gimmicks. The first step of your plan should, therefore, focus on understanding what makes your customers click, tick and get excited. Get to the heart of your customers’ thoughts, behaviours, problems, needs and desires by creating well-fleshed-out, fully-defined and real-to-life personas.

Use HubSpot’s (free) Make My Persona Tool to create personas worth referencing. Your entire inbound marketing strategy should be built around your core personas – you’ll storm ahead of your competition if you consult these fictional customers at every stage of your planning process. This includes when you’re creating blog posts, crafting email campaigns and conducting keyword research – you can even bring them into your brainstorm meetings to add real insight and depth to your ideas.

2. Discover Your Customer’s Triggers

Pain Points – You need to understand at which points your customers interact with your messages. It is important to identify the pain points your customers experience and the problems they encounter to make them search for your product or service. This core …

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Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning = digital marketing education

Online Marketing Expert
If you’re new to the world of online marketing, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all of the information out there. With writers focusing on everything from content marketing to social media to search engine optimization, knowing who’s worth listening to can be confusing, especially when many writers are self-proclaimed experts.

Carefully sifting through those who are self-proclaimed and those who are actual leaders in the field can prove to be incredibly difficult for those who are new to online marketing. If you want to improve your online marketing skills or you’re just getting in the game, learning from the true professionals is critical. To help you filter through all the noise, here’s a list of some online marketing experts that I personally respect and learn from all the time.

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable content in the form of text (copy), images, videos, and more in order to attract an audience and increase the number of leads and conversions. In 2014, content marketing has become one of the most important types of online marketing, and is continuing to grow in 2015. Two of the best content marketing experts to follow are:

1) Brian Clark: Brian Clark is the founder and CEO of Copyblogger, which is one of the most influential blogs out there. Copyblogger is known for the tips, tools, and resources regarding content marketing that it provides to everyone from online marketers to individual bloggers. Clark has been named by Forbes as a Top 10 Online Marketing Expert, and named by BusinessWeek as a person that more entrepreneurs should follow.

2) Heidi Cohen: Heidi Cohen is an online marketing expert who specializes in content marketing and social media. Creator of the Actionable …

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Google Analytics update

IDM Australia: digital marketing analytics course; Institute of Digital Marketing google analytics courses: online digital marketing analytics courses:

IDM Australia gives you the following digital marketing news, digital marketing education to help you remain a global digital marketing expert:

3 Super Speedy Google Analytics Shortcuts to Master

There isn’t a digital marketer amongst us who can’t benefit from some level of Google Analytics knowledge. We need it to track the impact of our SEO, content marketing, PPC and social media efforts. It’s vital to showcase our success to our doubting CEO and top level executives. What’s more, it’s all-round-essential to our strategy – informing everything from what’s thriving to what’s simply not surviving.

But do you know what’s even better than owning the figures that scream, ‘look at what my strategy achieved!’? It’s finding a quicker and easier way to get there.

Learn how to master these top 3 Google Analytics shortcuts and reach ‘I told you so’ a whole lot faster…

1. Set Up Your Goals Already

In the murky world of Google Analytics where there are hundreds of reports and numerous paths to take, some digital marketers view setting up their goals as an optional extra. Big mistake! Creating carefully-constructed goals takes a mere minute and can save you heaps of time. And, of course, it’s the only way to set up and access data in your Conversion Reports.

Now stop wasting time. Let’s set up those goals.

Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Goals:

  1. In the header, click Admin.

  2. Click Goals, located under View.

  3. Give your Goal a name – e.g. Newsletter Subscriber.

  4. Click the Destination button and select Next Step.

  5. Under Goal details, set the Destination equal to your thank you URL – e.g. /thank-you.

  6. Click Value > On and give your goal a monetary value

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